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Ep38 – Caitlin Kinnunen & Isabelle McCalla

Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla are not only co-stars of The Prom, but real life besties. Playing Emma and Alyssa respectively, they have a strong sense of trust which is clear to all on and off the stage.

Tony nominee Caitlin Kinnunen made her Broadway debut in 2008 at the age of 16 in Spring Awakening.  She went on to star in The Bridges of Madison County. Most recently, Caitlin received a 2019 Tony nomination for her performance as Emma in The Prom. Isabelle McCalla made her Broadway debut in 2018 as Jasmine in the production of Aladdin after coming off of the tour of the same name, and now stars as Alyssa also in The Prom.

This episode dives deep into their amazing friendship (dare we say they are soulmates!?), what they love most about performing, the support from their family, and why they continue to do what they do.  They discuss figuring out their own sexuality, and what their respective roles in The Prom have taught them about themselves. They are both strong advocates for mental health and therapy and deal with their own stresses and anxiety in strong and unique ways. 

Interview content begins at 3:29.

Closing standards begin at 53:30.

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Ep38 – Caitlin Kinnunen & Isabelle McCalla